Collection: Denis Korkh: "Things we thought we heard" Solo Exhibition

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design is proud to present:

Things we thought we heard.
Denis Korkh solo exhibition.

Things we thought we heard are the whispers at the penumbra of our perception where objectivity fades and hallucination dawns. Without this boundary into the spiritual, we might go too long without actualizing our immense capacity for inversion. These are the words of creation which call out to us with an intimacy of a dream in its nascence or capture us with paralysis that lingers just before the dream fades back into oblivion. They are the unknowable symbols of a journey far more ancient and ever more enduring than one we are afforded by our flesh. Things we thought we heard came here long before us and they built the sun and gave us names and filled every lake with our reflection.

I’m pursuing the kind of work that has a heart and mind of its own. A case can be made that everything already does, but my goal is to give genesis to a narrative that’s simultaneously external and one in which I can meaningfully participate. A key function of this relationship is to become possessed by the spirit of the work as much as be its author. Myth and (by extension) ritual encompass the principles behind creating such work and these topics are the locus of my concern. To an outside observer, I hope my art adds an interesting metaphor to their unique reality or in the best case to be so taken by it as well.

Things we thought we heard is Denis Korkh’s second solo show at Anno Domini.

Exhibition dates: November 5–December 11, 2021