Collection: Mike Egan: "Death, God, Love" Solo Exhibition

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design is proud to present:

Death, God, Love by Mike Egan (IL)

Death, God, and Love are three subjects that have haunted my life and artwork for many years now. Whether it was my short career as an embalmer, growing up in the Catholic Church or marriages and heart break. I wanted to do a show where each subject could shine on their own.

The Death paintings deal with death, dying, funerals, grim reapers and loss.

The God paintings deal with religious icons, devils and prayers, hell and halos.

Finally you have the Love paintings, which deal with true love, hearts, togetherness and broken hearts.

Although the three subjects stand strong on their own, there is a dance where they all dance together throughout in the show.

Death, God, Love is Egan’s 4th solo exhibition at Anno Domini.

Exhibition dates: March 4–April 16, 2022