Collection: Kelly Moore: "Dark Bird Palace" Solo Exhibition

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design
is proud to present...

Dark Bird Palace 
Kelly Moore (New Mexico) solo exhibition

10 years of Painting and selling my art at the Tesuque Pueblo flea market in New Mexico gave birth to my ongoing story of Dark Bird Palace.  It’s a place at the foot of a magnificent volcano in the High Desert of where the Dead Cowboy, Lost Child, the Naked Assassin, Dark Birds, White Buffaloes and Alchemy Wolves to name just few of the mythological characters first poured into my Art. 

When the flea market closed, I moved my studio to an open air barn at my home but worried my story was over. I soon realized I was surrounded by Snakebite Chupacabras and Tricksters there as well! Dark Bird Palace lives on and goes wherever I go. Welcome to Dark Bird Palace.

these are my words
eye was born a Dark Bird
much to my parents dismay
on the 13th day of a Scorpio Moon
in the Arkansas Ozarks
they took me in
fed me, clothed me,
and sent me to school
eye attempted to live a normal life
finding employment, trying to marry
& even voting regularly
but mostly failed
until I realized
eye could no longer
deny my true nature
And began flipping the tables
& rattling cages
folks sayd eye was crazy
And told me to Stop
(those are the folks who will 
let you know your doing rite)
but eye knew this
was an important breakthrough
and immediately began looking
for matches and kerosine
have been settin fires
ever since
~Kelly Moore

Exhibition dates: February 2-April 13, 2024

Gallery hours:
Thursdays & *Fridays Noon–7pm, (*First Fridays 5-9pm)
Saturdays Noon–5pm. Free admission.

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