Collection: Pablo Martin: "Inventario" Solo Exhibtiion

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design is proud to present:

INVENTARIO by Pablo Martín (b. 1974, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

“What moves me to work is the search for what I understand as the human factor. For that I am nurtured by the art of native peoples, popular art, outsider and African art. Although I feel that my roots are there, they are also in the present, which allows me to bring those resonances to a contemporary practice that includes objects, installations, graphics, as well as ceramics, murals, painting and drawing.

“I paint and draw using small sticks, on found papers and wood. I choose to use tools and supports that bring me closer to the primal and visceral, to nature, to what is marked by time.

“A recurring image is that of the Head. For years I have been investigating the complexity within that archetypal form, which is mask, face and object. The collective is ruled by ritual, and I am interested in making it visible: human relationships with deities and with our natural environments. Geometry takes the form of imaginary symbologies that build spatialities, links, and hierarchies.” ~ Pablo Martín, Buenos Aires, May 2021

Exhibition dates: May 7–June 12, 2021